Tony Lake in front of Rogers College of LawAnthony Michael Lake

I’m a business owner, computer expert, patriot, academian, and an active community servant. I am the current Republican precinct committeeman for precinct 42 in the city of Tucson in Pima County, Arizona. I was also elected as a delegate to the Republican State Convention in Arizona.

I’m an experienced educator, trainer, and tutor, and a former JD candidate with four college degrees, three with honors, and dual Summa Cum Laude baccalaureates. I’m a lifetime member of both the Psi Chi and Alpha Kappa Delta National Honors Society, and a recipient of the Segal Education Award for National and Community Service.

I’m a former member of AmeriCorps – “the domestic arm of the United States Peace Corps”. Through AmeriCorps and other programs of merit such as the Southern Arizona Legal Aid Society, I have served throughout the southwest region of the United States, particularly California and Arizona. I’ve made a personal effort to have a positive impact in some critical areas of community need, such as homelessness, nutrition, child advocacy, and education.

I’m a technology consultant and management strategist with strengths in helping organizations improve the way they hire, acquire technology, and manage their information assets. I’m a former officer at a small tech corporation and an entrepreneur.

As for my interests, I professionally produce CGI, bluescreen work, and audio bumpers. I have experience in enterprise management strategy, high tech marketing communications, business process analysis, technical writing and editing, and designing single source solutions.

My formal education combined with extensive technical experience and “boots on the ground” community presence make me a natural fit for organizations seeking to acquire technology, particularly corporate media “branding” or technology aimed at academic processes, entertainment streams, and social service organizations.

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